Tuesday, October 2, 2007

History of Cuba in Pageants

There in a enormous amount of eagerness among Cuban girls aspired for the title of "Miss Cuba" and represent her country at the International Beauty Pageant at Long Beach, California, where "Miss Universe, 1955" would be elected.CIA. Cubana de Aviacion, desirous as always of increasing Cuba's fame and knowledge of the Island abroad, will sponsor the election of the Cuban girl who will take part in the contest to be held for the third year, organized by the city of Long Beach.Christine Martel, a glamorous French girl, was the current "Miss Universe". Shortly after her election she married a wealthy young American.The girl, whose age must lie between 18 and 25, who is named "Miss Cuba" will go on to the principal contest in California, on July 15. "Miss Cuba", of course, would have all her expenses paid. The organizers and sponsors of the Pageant set aside more than $50,000 to underwrite the parades and other events of this spectacle.The lucky girl selected "Miss Universe" received many prizes. But undoubtedly the most desireable [desirable] one is that offered by Universal-International Pictures: a six-month contract with the studio at $5,000 a month with an option for extending the contract to seven years. The two runners-up will also receive contracts.Needless to say, Miss Cuba traveled in style, staying at the best hotels. During her stay in California a car would be placed at her disposal, and she will receive a generous allowance for incidental expenses.Miss Cuba was chosen from among the six provincial Queens who will be elected at preliminary contests. A final selection will take place in Havana, and the girl named there would represent Cuba at Long Beach, where the jury will decide on who is "Miss Universe, the most beautiful girl in the world".In the local eliminations, provincial as well as national, contestants would wear traditional Cuban clothes, evening gowns and bathing suits.The election of Miss Cuba was one of the events of the summer; interest grew among local girls at the chance of trying for the coveted title of "Miss Universe", a chance brought them by CIA Cubana de Aviacion.

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