Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Ariana Barouk, Miss Cuba 2007

Charismatic and outgoing, model and actress Ariana Barouk proudly and gracefully represents the Cuban community as Miss Cuba for Miss Earth held in Manila, Philippines this October. Born on November 5, 1982 in Hartford Connecticut and settled in Miami, Florida two years later; she is no stranger to the lights, camera and faced paced industry. At an early age she became fascinated by the limelight, she began her artistic career at the young and tender of three by participating in local and national beauty pageants in Florida. Having natural charm, talent and love for the stage, she held several titles such as Florida Golden Miss (1986), Pretty Baby Girl (1986), American Dream State Queen (1986), Imperial Miss State Talent, Pro-Model Photogenic and Beauty Queen (1986-88), Glamour Girl Overall Queen (1987), Beauty, Talent, Photo, Swimsuit, Costume Queen for Rainbow Beauty Pageant (1987), Sunburst Beauty and Photogenic Queen (1988), Dreams of America Beauty and Photogenic Queen (1988) Florida Golden Miss Photogenic and Beauty Queen (1988), Senorita Suave Bonita(1988), among others. Also in 1988, Ariana participated in “Concurso de Nina Modelo” on Sabado Gigante (Univision) being the first child to win one thousand dollars, which resulted in recurring guest actor credit on Ninos Actores for 2 years. By the age of 6, she was discovered by a Miami talent agent who suggested she discover the world of acting. With several talent agencies in Miami, such as Green and Green, Stellar, Michelle Pommier and Runways to name a few, she casted for theater, commercials, editorials, films and televisions shows. Landing principle credits for high profile commercials such as Coca-Cola, Finesse, JC Penny, HI-C, Wendy’s, Red Lobster. She also was in films such as Cape Fear, Miami Blues and Arive Alive. From 1989-1991 Ariana was a member of SAG (Screen Actors Guild). With her constant theatrical performances, Ariana was nominated for “Acuacions Descatadas-Teatro Infantil” in the 1990 ACCA awards. With constant Nickelodeon and upcoming Disney’s Mickey Mouse Club auditions traveling back and forth from Miami to Orlando was too much of a hectic lifestyle for the young model and actress. By 1992, Ariana and her parents decided she should become a full time student and focus on her academia rather than full-time work. Always having the “bug” for being an entertainer, she made her promise to return to the industry upon high school graduation.
In May 2000, Ariana graduated from La Salle High School in Coconut Grove. That summer she quickly embarked on the return to her much awaited career by taking photos and rejoining talent agencies. She landed principal credits for commercials such as Dominoe’s Pizza, Ritz Crackers, The Shop South Beach, Commerce Bank, Sonic Drive-In, etc. That same year Ariana became a featured dancer on the hit Univsion dance show Caliente until 2005, which resulted in music videos with Gloria Estefan “Me voy”, Thalia “Amor a la Mexicana Remix”. In 2002 she began voice training with Mario Martinelli and Nicolas Tovar. In 2003 she became interested in production by working award shows such as Fox’s Kids Choice Awards, Premios lo Nuestro, Premios Juventud, Premios Fox Sports, Latin Grammy’s, and Latin Billboards. Ariana is furthering her education in Florida International University completing her BA in Public Relations with minors in Spanish, Sports Management and Art and Art History. Presently, she is working as public relations intern for one of the most upcoming Public Relations firm in Miami, Crossover Agency. Ariana is excited to represent her roots and culture as Miss Cuba by participating in Miss Earth this year and is looking forward to the opportunities of growth and new experiences.

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